Forced Cement 

The glamor of traditional aesthetics

The forged cement of AQUAROCK new life into the glamor of traditional Aegean architecture and propose new utilitarian and decorative applications, away from the ordinary.

It is white or colored fiber reinforced cement, which in His compositions, high strength cement, properly graded aggregates, especially active additives and resins that give the material unbreakable bonding to the substrate, excellent workability and ultimately flawless surface with high mechanical strength.

The forged cement AQUAROCK, recommended for use on floors and walls, indoors and outdoors as well as for use of pool and WC.

The special formula allows use in structures such as tables, built-in beds, sinks, tubs, planters, steps, patios and countless other applications in traditional or contemporary buildings that we want to lend a unique character.

Antifungal does not favor formation of mold and be friendly to humans and the environment. 30 shades ready to surprise you!

When beauty become true’’